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Finest Quality Natural Premium Whole Leaves  From Around The World In The U.K.
Canadian Organic, American, and European Leaves.
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tobacco-approval scheme

Quality Cigar Blended Kits
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New American Virginia Flue Cured RED leaf  2016 CROP
now In Stock. (Rib In)

This is dried, cured and aged Whole  Leaves (Rib Intact)

We only sell for home use not for the manufacturing of whole leaf tobacco .
Tobacco products are products for adults. It is generally recognized that smoking constitutes a risk factor regarding the development of illnesses and good health  and that it can be difficult to stop smoking.

If you are under 18 years of age  then Please Leave Now

All Leaf Is Sold In Units Of 454 Grams = 1lb.
If However you Require Smaller Amounts we can also accommodate with 227 Grams = 1/2 lb
plus various combo's and Leaf mixtures for all of your own e-liquid recipe's

This site contains images of Whole Leaves

Whole Leaf  is not considered a tobacco product in the U.K and   other parts  of the world,  because it needs to be processed in order to be used; Whole Leaf  in its raw  unprocessed form is an agricultural product.

We have duly paid all Customs Duty and/ or V.A.T. on our Imported Whole Leaf.

Please note we do not supply  leaf  for wholesale


This website contains information about Whole Leaf  products.

The usage of this web site is reserved for visitors who are
18 years and over.

And  according to the legal provisions of their respective country.

We the seller Whole Leaf will supply you (the buyer) with raw full leaves on the strict understanding that you are purchasing the raw full whole leaf to manufacture for the SOLE
use of

SNUFF,Medicinal, Cosmetic ,or Organic Pesticide and your own E-Liquids

There is no Tobacco Tax on Whole Leaf in it's raw state, But if you Manufacture the leaf into smoking tobacco
Duties  becomes Payable to H.M.R.C.  and it is your duty to contact your local office on how to pay the currant rates in force.


Whole Leaf is the trading name of Oldtrend Limited a Company registered within the
United Kingdom
Company Registered Number 08727530
Also Registered with HMRC as an Importer/Tobacco Broker  of Raw Whole Leaf
From The EU. USA. and Canada.
Registered Number GB019572313000

All Major Credit Cards are Accepted Via WorldPay
ANY  Payments  For Products can only be made in GBP.

Please Note we do not Ship to the U.S.A.





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